We Are What We Eat

Your body is made up of more than 100 trillion cells, the vast majority of which are constantly being turned over as they come to the end of their cellular lifespan and need to be replaced.

Red blood cells last about 125 days. Bone cells last about 3 months. Your stomach lining is replaced every 4 days, and so on.

Isn’t it amazing that your body can turn last night’s dinner and this morning’s breakfast into eye cells, kidney cells, brain cells and all the other tissues our body requires for growth and health? And isn’t that even more amazing when you think that for many of us last night’s dinner was a pizza and this morning’s breakfast was Coco Pops?

Now, we’re not zealots – we love the occasional pizza (Coco Pops?- that’s definitely another story!) – but good nutrition is one of the main cornerstones of good health, so here are some great resources to help you enjoy the energy and vitality that comes with healthy eating.

Eat Well Tips

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Eat Well

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