Recommended Exercises

We love exercise. It’s a vital part of a healthy lifestyle, plays a key role in reinforcing the benefits of the “hands on” care we provide, and helps people to maintain those benefits in the future.

The following videos take you through the exercises we most commonly recommend to help people improve the strength and suppleness of their body. As you look through these videos please keep the following points in mind:

  • Check with your practitioner first before attempting any of these to make sure they are suitable for you.
  • Start with the stretching exercises first before moving on to core conditioning, strength and cardiovascular fitness when you are ready.
  • Remember to take your time – we all love quick results, but years of poor posture, prolonged sitting, and unbalanced movement patterns inevitably cause the body to become weak and tight so it may take a few weeks to months for you to gradually reverse these changes.
  • Have fun, take it easy to begin with, but if anything hurts or feels wrong stop and consult your practitioner.
Introduction to Exercises

Low Back Flexibility Exercises

Poor spinal flexibility is a common cause of back pain, so try these exercises to improve spinal flexibility and range of motion.

Lower Back Stretch Knees to Chest
Lower Back Rotations - Passive
Lower Back Rotation - Dynamic
Lower Back Hyperextensions
Gluteal / Piriformis Lying Down
Gluteal / Piriformis Sitting
Gluteal Stretches - Advanced

Low Back & Core Strength Exercises

A strong lower back and good core stability are vital for proper spinal function – try these exercises to help keep yours in good shape.

Core Introduction & Cat Stretch
Single Leg Lifts
Bridges - Double & Single Legs
Plank - Full and Half
Side Plank - Full and Half

Hip, Groin & Leg

Intro & Passive Hip Stretch
Hip Flexor (Psoas) Stretch
Thigh (Quadriceps) Stretch Standing
Groin (Adductor) Stretches...
Hamstring Stretches Standing
Calf & Soleus Stretch

Neck/Upper Back Postural Correction Exercises

An upright, healthy posture helps to keep your neck relaxed and your body functioning well. The following series of exercises helps to reduce neck stress and tension, and correct those stooped and awkward postures that are so common in our society today.

Intro & Neck Range of Motion
45 Degrees Neck Stretch...
Shoulder Rotations & Shrugs
Thoracic Curl Shoulder Squeeze
Kitchen / Trunk Stretch
Wall Slide
Over & Under Shoulder Stretch
Shoulder Lifts - Kneeling
Thoracic Rotations - Kneeling
Thoracic Rotations - Side Lying
Y's, T's & L's