Massage in Newcastle and Gateshead

Massage plays a key role in helping our patients stay active and healthy. In some cases, people use it alongside the chiropractic care they may be receiving in our practice, whilst in others it may be taking place as a stand-alone therapy. Either way, it is a valuable part of the overall care available within our practice and our massage therapists are highly trained in a wide variety of massage styles.

Massage for the Treatment of Back Pain and Other Injuries

Muscle, ligament and other soft tissue injuries are common in sports and general daily life, and massage can play a key role in promoting blood flow to injured tissues and restoring normal strength, suppleness and resilience to the body.

The benefits of this type of massage included reduced pain and muscle tension, whilst also ensuring a comprehensive healing process takes place within the shortest possible time frame so that people can safely get back to work or their favourite leisure activities as quickly, safely and completely as possible.

Massage for Optimal Performance

Regular sports massage also helps people avoid injury and perform at their best, and our team of massage therapists work with people of all ages and backgrounds, ranging from elite 16 year old swimmers to not so elite 86 year old golfers.

The type of massage our team provides is always tailored to the needs of the individual they are working with, but the ultimate goal of helping people get the best from their body in the safest possible way is one that we feel applies to everybody.

Massage for Relaxation and Stress Management

Long hours at the office, poor job postures, deadlines and all the other stresses of life are things that most people have to deal with sooner or later, and over time these stressors can have a majorly negative impact on your health and wellbeing.

This is why our massage team do not just focus on sports massage. In fact, they are highly experienced in a wide array of massage techniques that will help you relax, slow down, and release much of the physical and emotional tension that builds up over time.

For some people this means relief from symptoms such back pain, neck pain, headaches and so on. For others it means a better night’s sleep and a calmer approach to life. Either way, the range of massage services available here in our practice can make a real difference to your overall health and quality of life.

Our Massage Therapist Billy Robinson is qualified in –

VCTC Level 3 Sports massage

VCTC Level 3 Swedish Massage

CITY AND GUILDS Level 3 Anatomy and Physiology Advanced

CITY AND GUILDS Level 3 Pathology

VCTC Advanced Level 3 Massage

Federation Of Holistic Therapist (FHT) – 142898