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Mark’s Daily Apple is a really interesting health blog from Mark Sissons and his team that pulls together great information about nutrition, exercise, stress, sleep and other health related topics.

If you’re someone who is trying to achieve a healthy body weight, wanting to improve your sense of energy and strength, are training for some kind of personal challenge, or simply want to maintain a balanced, common sense approach to good health we’d encourage you to check out this blog, and the accompanying free Primal Blueprint Podcasts that go with it.

The 10 Primal Blueprint Laws

Mark’s whole approach to health revolves around what he considers to be the basic “laws” we need to adhere to in order to take good care of our health.

They are as follows:

  1. Eat lots of plants and animals.
  2. Avoid poisonous things.
  3. Move frequently at a slow pace.
  4. Lift heavy things.
  5. Sprint once in a while.
  6. Get adequate sleep.
  7. Play.
  8. Get adequate sunlight.
  9. Avoid stupid mistakes.
  10. Use your brain.

Mark explores each of these topics more fully in his blog and podcasts, but one of the main reasons why we like Marks work so much is because it takes all those seemingly disconnected pieces of headline grabbing information you may have come across over recent years (for example, the merits of intermittent fasting/the 5:2 diet, the pros and cons of high intensity interval training, the fat versus carbs debate, the importance of managing your body’s internal levels of inflammation, and many others) and brings them together like the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle in a way that makes good sense.

We also like the fact that Mark is not afraid to challenge conventional wisdom, especially when he feels that it is leading people up the garden path in terms of their health (his thoughts on dietary fats, cholesterol and the recommended “food pyramid” are great examples of this). However, when he does so, it is always done constructively, and on the basis of an honest interpretation of good science.

The blog and podcasts have been running for a few years now, and contain lots of information on a wide variety of topics. To help you get started we’ve included links to some of the best podcasts we’ve come across to date, and we hope you find them interesting and helpful.


Recommended Podcasts From Marks Daily Apple

15.1.15 – Dr. Timothy Noakes (Highly Recommended)

2.12.14 – The Definitive Guide To Insulin, Blood Sugar And Type 2 Diabetes (Highly Recommended)

15.7.14 & 22.7.14 – A Case Against Chronic Cardio, Part 1 & 2

23.4.14 – Q & A (Containing A Discussion Of High Intensity Interval Training)

9.4.14 – On All Things Sleep

19.2.14 – Primal Blueprint Fitness

12.2.14 – The Reality of Calories In/Calories Out

29.1.14 – The 10 Laws

20.12.13 – Chronic Cardio


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