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Michael Mosley is a popular health journalist who explores many interesting topics concerning various aspects of health and wellbeing. Here is some of his work that has caught our eye.


Michael Mosley’s 5 Biggest Health Myths

Michael Mosley – a really interesting medical practitioner and journalist – recently shared his opinions on what he thinks are 5 of the biggest myths  in health. This is what he had to say…



book testFast Exercise  – Michael Mosley & Peta Bee

Using High Intensity Interval Training to get fitter, stronger and better toned in just 5 minutes a day. Read our summary/review.




The Fast Diet – Michael Mosley & Mimi Spencer

First released back in 2013, this book focuses on the health benefits of intermittent fasting (IF). It offers a practical guide to implementing IF into your lifestyle, built around the idea of eating normally for 5 days a week, but limiting your calorie intake to only 500-600 calories per day on the other 2 days (i.e. the 5:2 model). Learn more here…



The 8 Week Blood Sugar Diet – Michael Mosley

There was a time when comments such as “lose weight fast and reprogram your body” or “how to prevent and reverse type 2 diabetes and stay off medication” would have been decried as being gimmicky and unrealistic. As Mosley demonstrates in this book: Not anymore. Learn more here…




Fast 800 – On its way.



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