Kindness is an essential element of basic human decency – we’re probably at our best as a species when we act kindly toward one another, and we’re probably at our worst when we don’t.

But did you know that acting kindly has very real and tangible benefits to our health for both the person acting in a kind way and for the recipient of the act of kindness?

The positive effects of kindness on the immune system, on serotonin production, and on dampening down the levels of systemic inflammation within our body are well established in scientific research.

What’s more, even someone observing  such acts taking place between other people can experience these benefits.

In other words, kindness extended, received or observed beneficially impacts the physical health and feelings of everyone involved.

This short 2024 podcast from Michael Mosley summarises some of the latest research, but the take home message is that in a world where social media posts, sensationalistic journalists, and manipulative politicians sometimes seem to enjoy provoking anger and outrage why not choose to be kind?

It’s certainly better for your health!

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