Fast Diet, Fast Exercise, & The 8 Week Blood Sugar Diet: Our Review

Michael Mosley and colleagues have been busy in recent years. They’ve been looking for strategies that ordinary, time pressed people like you and I can use to control our weight, become fitter, and enjoy a better quality of life, whilst at the same time minimising our risk of joining the ever growing numbers of people being diagnosed as having type 2 diabetes, obesity, or other associated lifestyle diseases.

Along the way, they’ve exposed many counter-productive and potentially harmful flaws in the prevailing “conventional wisdom” on healthy nutrition and exercise, and they’ve summarised their findings in their books The Fast Diet, Fast Exercise, Fast Life, and The 8 Week Blood Sugar Diet.

These books contain a lot of really helpful information, so what follows is our quick review of each of them (excluding Fast Life, as it is just Fast Diet and Fast Exercise combined as one book), and we encourage you to check them out for yourself if our reviews happen to pique your interest.

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