Drinking Too Much Water Is Dangerous

If a certain amount of water is good for us, more must be better, right?

Wrong!! It is possible to drink too much water, and doing so can have life threatening consequences.

In his book ‘Waterlogged’ Professor Tim Noakes describes the perils of over hydration – and the subsequent hyponatremia (lowered concentration of sodium in the blood) that results – in great detail, and explains how people have lost their lives as a result of taking on fluids far in excess of what their body actually requires for normal healthy function.

His basic message is to trust in the mechanism of thirst to guide you in your water intake, and if you are an athlete taking on extra fluid because you are participating in endurance types of events be careful, and be aware of the importance of taking on electrolytes as well in order that you don’t create a situation where over hydration puts your health or life in danger.

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