A Refreshing Trend In Hotel Lobbies

Over the last few years we’ve noticed that many hotel lobbies now contain large water cisterns full of iced water containing various combinations of sliced fruit.

We can personally guarantee that not only do these cisterns look attractive, but the water they provide is amazingly refreshing as well, with lovely subtle flavours such as mint and cucumber, pineapple and ginger, orange and lemon, and a host of other combinations.

As the grateful beneficiaries of a lovely cool glass of water after a long day at a conference or a tiring journey we always go out of our way to sample whatever combination of flavours the hotel staff have put together, and to thank them for making a such healthy beverage freely available to anyone passing through their lobby.

Keep an eye out for the hotels in your area that do this, but in the meantime why not consider bringing this great idea into your home?!

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